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Relaunch of my blog: August 3rd

July 25, 2010

Sorry for the lack of continuity here, folks…

Well, it is summer. But in spite of the waves of warm and sunny weather that have hit Tofino (some years it never gets hot here!) I have still been writing a lot. Just not on this blog.

That’s because I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole social media experiment. It is over a year, now, since I launched myself on both Twitter (@jwindh) and out here in the blogosphere. And there really is a learning curve with all of that; there’s much more to social media than just understanding the technology, how to Tweet and Retweet, how to post to your blog or comment on someone else’s.

So I’ve slowed down on my own blog this summer in order to rethink where I am going with all of this: what I am trying to do with it, who I am trying to reach.

I see a lot of authors out there who blog about writing – or how to self-publish, or how to promote yourself or your book. That’s interesting to me as a writer, and I like reading and commenting on their blogs. But it is not really what I want to be blogging about.

But what does interest me – as a writer, photographer, and broadcaster – is thinking how everything is connected. And that’s the angle I will be taking with the relaunch of my blog – posting some thought-provoking little pieces to get the brains churning, and hopefully to stimulate some discussion, too.

So please tune in August 3rd, for the launch of the Jacqueline Windh Blog v.2.0.

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