Jacqueline Windh

Sorry for the confusion, website redesign taking place!


Hello everyone –

Please bear with me as I redesign my website. The pages will all still be here – but they may be a bit more difficult to find over the next few weeks as I rearrange things.

The blog, for now at least, is going to be relegated to the back-burner… archived for the moment. I stopped blogging “temporarily” a year ago. But blogging is quite a time commitment, and I think I am better off placing my writing in other venues that get higher readership. (And heck, I am getting a bit frustrated with that “every writer should have a blog” line – I think there are too many blogs and not enough readers!)

If you want to keep track of my recent writings, check out some of the publications that I am a regular contributor to:

The Guardian (UK): http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/windh-jacqueline

The Tyee (Canada): http://thetyee.ca/Bios/Jacqueline__Windh/

RunLiveLearn (USA) – I am the regular “Trails” columnist: http://www.runlivelearn.com/author/jwindh/

And, soon, I will also be a regular contributor to FullStop literary mag (USA): http://www.full-stop.net/

So, changes you can expect to see to this site are: the blog will become lower-profile (well, an archive, really); there will be more about me and my writing interests and my current projects; and there will be a much better archive of my published materials (pdf files of my publications) that you can download and look at.

As I said, I’ll be working on this site re-design over the coming weeks. Please let me know if you have any suggestions – what you would or wouldn’t like to see here! Cheers!