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A snowy week for the hummingbirds

January 17, 2020

L-8790I have been working on my Anna’s hummingbird photography project for six years – which is when the first Anna’s hummingbirds appeared on my property. They used to be natives only to sub-tropical climes – mainly Southern California and Mexico – but in recent years they have been expanding their range in western Canada, especially on Vancouver Island.

Being a wildlife photographer just means that you have to drop whatever else you are doing, if the timing is right: the orchids are blooming or the salmon or swimming or the leaves are changing colour. So this week it was the #BCstorm blizzard – and I have hummingbirds hanging around the house.


Fortunately I could do a lot of the photography right from my balconies. My hummingbirds know me – well some of them do – and I know who is likely to perch when, where.

So here are a few of the shots that I got this past week. That’s Squeaky Jr. up top, and Rosetta in the middle. And below, a little video clip of Flathead buzzing up as kids toboggan down the hill in the background. Look up, people!

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