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Welcome to my video blog!  I was trying to make this a monthly feature, but I’ve found that I don’t have the time to do it so regularly. So these are just random little films, put together when the inspiration hits and my time allows.

I am a professional photographer, writer and broadcaster. I do not claim to be a professional film-maker! I don’t even own a real video camera – these are just shot on my point-and-shoot stills cameras (Nikon Coolpix 8400 and Coolpix P80). They’re just for fun, and not meant to be any sort of example of my professional work.


August 2011

Mojave perform at my home in Port Alberni! (runs 5:00)

The band Mojave (my friends Lisa and Paul Jarvis) looped through Port Alberni on the way back from their latest tour through Vancouver and Victoria, and gave this wonderful private concert performance for my friends right here in my house! In this clip are a shortened version of “Save Me,” and the title song from their last album “Crow’s Funeral.”
You can hear studio versions of these songs and more on the Mojave website. (This video uploaded with permission from the musicians).

July 2011

My balcony garden (runs 1:40)

This video is just a quick tour of my balcony garden here in Port Alberni – yes, how I grow food in containers right here on my balcony! I shot it to go with my July 20, 2011, blog post How to grow veggies  even if you don’t have a back yard! just to show that it really can be done.

And it’s worth it… the basil, and tomatoes, and green beans that I have been getting this summer are delicious! Can’t get fresher than that (like, the 1-meter diet).

June 2010

Tofino Beach and Cave Run (runs 3:42)

Once in a blue moon – no, even less often than that – it’s actually only once a year, on the summer solstice new moon, low tides draw the ocean away and expose the sea cave that links Chestermans Beach to Cox Bay. For most of the year, this cave is inaccessible by land. But for a few days, this becomes my favourite running route – a 10 km loop taking in two of the world’s prettiest beaches, and never setting my foot on pavement. (Featuring Canadian elite ultrarunner and coach, Jen Segger).

April 2010

Tofino Box Parade 2010 (runs 2:39)

Yup, only in Tofino. April 28th 2010 marked Tofino’s 6th annual Box Parade. It all got started when a girl named Jules got bored at work, so she and a friend started making costumes out of the boxes and then walked around town in them. Well, somehow it caught on, and six years later, the Box Parade, held on Jules’ birthday, has become a much-anticipated annual event. See for yourself!

January 2010

How to Tape an Ankle Sprain… and Keep Racing (runs 3:05)

OK, this video is not fine art – filmed in my living room on a dark winter’s afternoon. But it is pretty useful info. Doctors have a way of taping your ankle so that you do not re-twist it – but they are so good at reducing your mobility that you won’t be able to run when it is taped like that. Here is an easy way to tape your ankle that immobilizes the ankle in direction of the sprain, but allows you the mobility so you can stil walk, run, and even leap! Very useful info for racers and hikers who must keep moving even after a sprain.
December 2009

Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail (coming soon!)

I know I know, October is almost over…  I’m just really busy right now.  I’ll get my October film up as soon as I can – keep an eye on Twitter (or the front page of my site) for news of when it is posted.

November 2009

OK, November didn’t really happen as far as filming goes. I may be able to post something here later, “from the archives”.
October 2009

Project Athena in the Grand Canyon (coming soon!)

I know I know, October is almost over…  I’m just really busy right now.  I’ll get my October film up as soon as I can – keep an eye on Twitter (or the front page of my site) for news of when it is posted.

September 2009

Kermit’s World (runs 4:31) (Also view movie trailer, runs 11 seconds)

Picture 2 flipped sqrIt’s hard for us humans to visualize what life is like when you are small, sensitive and cold-blooded.  Welcome to Kermit’s World.  Amazing close-up footage of my little green buddy reveals to the world of the warm-blooded what things matter in a treefrog’s life (mainly bugs, sunshine, and clean water).

Kermit’s World Script

August 2009

Vancouver Island Quest: Jen Segger’s 750 km expedition (runs 9:52)

LDSCN2410Twenty-eight year old Jen Segger believes that it is important to set goals: big goals.  So, when she decided to bike and run the length of Vancouver Island from north to south, of course she did not plan to go by the shortest route.  Instead, she planned a 750 km odyssey that would take her through the Island’s most iconic foot-trails, from the mountains of Strathcona to the West Coast Trail, and then linking these foot sections by travel logging roads on her mountain bike.  Oh yes, and she decided to do the whole thing in just four days.  I joined her for the middle section of her journey, as she biked from Port Alberni to Bamfield, and then ran the West Coast Trail.

Vancouver Island Quest film script
[also, check out my daily reports and photos of  her expedition filed on or visit Jen Segger’s website]

July 2009

Biking Around (runs 6:53)

Picture 1A short film about why I choose to bike around, rather than drive, in my home village of Tofino, as well as when I travel.  Parts of this film were shot in Vancouver the week that the new dedicated bike lanes opened up on the Burrard Street Bridge.  Families  from both small town and big city show that biking is a reasonable and legitimate form of transport – even for those with young children.

Biking Around film script

June 2009

About the book First Nations of the Pacific Northwest: Change and Tradition (runs 5:40)

LGermanBookJoe Martin and I talk about the book – how we came to be involved with Germany’s Westfalian Museum of Natural History, and why we believe it is important to talk about the effects of European contact on First Nations and of Canada’s Indian Residential School system.

Book film script

May 2009

Nuu-chah-nulth Canoe Steaming (runs 3:04)

LDscn4491On Saturday May 9th, 2009, Nuu-chah-nulth master carvers (and my good friends) Joe and Carl Martin steamed this 33′ canoe on Chestermans Beach, Tofino.

Nuu-chah-nulth Canoe Steaming film transcript

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