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I freelance for many different quality publications in Canada, the USA, and around the world. Many of my more “serious” articles relate to science, the environment, and indigenous issues and rights. My more “fun” articles are about endurance sports, adventure travel, and ultrarunning.

I am, or have been, a regular contributor to:

The Guardian (UK):

The Tyee (Canada):

RunLiveLearn (USA) – former regular “Trails” columnist:

Other magazines and newspapers that I’ve written for (often also providing the photos) include:

FullStop literary discussion mag (USA): view my profile
Hakai Magazine (Canada): view my profile
The Vancouver Sun (Canada)
Beautiful BC (Canada)
BBC Wildlife Magazine (UK)
Outpost Magazine (Canada)
Canadian Running Magazine (Canada)
Trail Runner (USA)
Runner’s World (USA)
Adventure Sports Magazine (USA)
Sea Kayaker Magazine (USA)
Adventure Kayak Magazine (Canada)
WaveLength Magazine (Canada)
Al Borde (Argentina; written and published in Spanish)

Read some of my articles:

How to Dismantle a Blue Whale
In southern Chile, a team of volunteers confronts stench and gore to ensure a new life for a dead whale.  Published in Hakai Magazine, August 2018.

The Last Wild Race
With the Patagonia Expedition Race, Stjepan Pavicic has been re-injecting true adventure into adventure racing.  Adventure racing at the end of the earth, southernmost Patagonia.  Published in Outpost Magazine, 2006.

The Québec Raid
One hundred of the world’s most insanely fit athletes devote a sleepless week to extreme adventure, vying for the title of 2006 Raid World Champions in Adventure Racing.Published in Outpost Magazine, 2006.

All Along the Mountains and the Sea
The flash of a paddle blade is nothing new to the sparkling waters of Clayoquot Sound.  A guide for sea kayakers. Published in Sea Kayaker Magazine, August 2006.

The Route of Fire
Jacqueline attempts to run a 220 km staged race through the dark rainforests, and over the active volcanoes, of Costa Rica.  Published in Breathe Magazine, vol. 3, issue 4, 2008.

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