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About me

I am about ideas, and stories.

Some people think that people need to be labelled: as a photographer or writer or broadcaster or film-maker. But to me, these words only describe the medium. Some stories are best told with images, some with with sound. Some ideas are best conveyed via text, and others on film.

My interests are diverse – ranging from geology to sea-kayaking to languages to indigenous culture to ultramarathons. I’ve lived in Canada, Australia and South America, and I speak three languages. I have an MFA in Creative Writing – and I’m a PhD scientist. You could say that I’m a typical Gemini – except I don’t believe in astrology.

I work in whatever interests me – but I get especially enthusiastic when, as a result of my broad range of interests, I am able to make connections that most other people would never think of.

I’ve written four successful books, my articles and photographs have been published in quality magazines and newspapers around the world, and the radio documentaries that I have written and produced have been broadcast nationally in both Canada and Australia. I’ve even worked on a few films!

To me, it is all about the stories. Whether I am researching a science-based article, or writing fiction, it is the narrative that counts: the story. So don’t pigeon-hole me by which medium I choose!

My website is about having fun with all of these things, so please take the time to poke around. The blog is inactive at the moment (my writing  is appearing in enough other higher-readership venues that I’m taking a break from it), but there is a diversity of material in the archives for you to explore if you feel like it! My most popular posts are the Growing Rice in Canada series, with the Training for an Ultramarathon a close second. Or click the other links above to see or listen to some of my published/produced work.

Aside from working on my own projects – at the moment, three books at various stages and a screenplay – I also offer editing and ghostwriting services. For more information about me, you can take a look at my bio, or contact me.

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