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Snorkelling with salmon, Campbell River, Vancouver Island

October 10, 2018

L to R: Jill, Russ, Trish and me. Photo by the amazing Maxwel Hohn

Well, I am gradually transitioning… from being a person who stays above the water (sea kayaking) to someone who gets into the water! No, I’m not fully getting scuba diving… but I am getting into our local waters : cold-water swimming and snorkelling, and aiming to take a course in free-diving next year. (I have always been a gear minimalist… so snorkelling¬† and free-diving are way more attractive to me than full-on scuba diving).


My first time in a dry suit! Pic: Russell Clark

So here is a fun autumn activity for getting into the water in autumn on Vancouver Island! I was lucky enough to spend a few days with my oldest friend in the world, Jill Heinerth (one of the world’s most accomplished divers, as well as the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s first Explorer in Residence), and two of our other RCGS friends, Trisha Stovel and Russell Clark (of Seaproof TV).

The four of us headed over to Campbell River and went snorkelling with the salmon! I’m not currently set up with pro underwater photographic gear, so the salmon pix are ones I have taken previously (as noted). And here are a few more:


Me, Jill, Trish, Max and Russ – suited up and ready to get in the water!


Jill, working hard. (Barely saw her head above surface the whole time we were there!)


Me and a big ol’ friendly salmon guy. I floated with him for a long time – poor guy, he was so exhausted. Photo: Russell Clark


And here I am again… just working to hold position in the current as the salmon swirl around me. Photo: Trisha Stovel


This is a photo I took a LONG time ago… chum salmon ascending a tiny rainforest creek on Meares Island, near Tofino.


This one is from a long time ago, too. It’s a scan of a slide, taken in the Kennedy River, between Port Alberni and Tofino. I love the colours of sockeye salmon…

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